19″ Console Server running Linux [closed]

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Problem :

I’m searching for a hardware platform or hint for building a console server running Linux. I’d need

  • 8-32 Serial Ports (DB9 or RJ54)
  • Linux as OS
  • 19″ chassis

I don’t really care if this is some custom hardware or a regular Console server where I can access the Linux/OS Layer (incl. building own kernels!).

Any hints?

Solution :

I would buy a 19″ inch rack case and mount a PC with a motherboard with a good number of pci-e slots, then you can buy PCI-e cards with serial ports up to a number of [available slots] * [number of serial ports per card]. If you buy hardware with well known chipsets for the serial ports any modern Linux distro will detect them and add them to the /dev dir

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