2 Acces Points on the same Home Network, problems with Wi-Fi Roaming

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The achievement I want to reach is to have wifi all around the house without having to change manually between the 2 Access Points (and I did this), but still I want all the computers connect to both the APs to be on the same Home Network (and I did also this, but can’t get the two things to happen together).

I have a Technicolor TG582N, which is the main AP, and a Sitecom WL-160I which is connected to the first one by a long Ethernet cable going into LAN1, then I have my desktop computer connected to the Sitecom via Ethernet and a lot of devices connecting trough Wi-Fi.

First I changed the SSID and the WPA password, other than choosing channel 1 and 11, of the two modem/router (Technicolor TG582N, Sitecom WL-160) and doing so I can change room and the Wi-Fi Roaming is working perfectly but the are two different networks.

So I disabled the DHCP in the secondary AP (Sitecom) and there is only one network and that’s good, but if I change room the device can’t switch between the two APs.

I followed “How to connect two routers on one home network” guide on YT but I had some little problems following all the steps because of my router limts, so this is a resume of the current situation:

  1. SSID and passwords are the same
  2. main AP (Technicolor) IP address is, didn’t change
    anything else.
  3. secondary AP (Sitecom) IP address is, DHCP is disabled.I couldn’t change the Connection type to Bridge as the guide said, because there’s no such option in the settings.

Thank to everyone who are going to help.


The manual for your Sitecom router appears to have instructions for setting it up in bridge mode. Looks like it’s on the Wireless – Basic tab, second drop down.

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