Accept ip connections from address and port with already established connections

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I have put in place a solution to open temporarily a port based on nft:

# create the nft set
nft add set ip filter SSHallowed { type ipv4_addr; timeout 2m ;}

# add the rule to the table
nft insert rule ip filter INPUT ip saddr @SSHallowed tcp dport 22 accept

# to add ips to the set
nft add element ip filter SSHallowed { XX.XX.XX.XX }

Is there any way I can accept new connection, from the same ip and to the destination port of another already established connection, without having to run the “nft add element”? I think that should be something similar to

nft insert rule ip filter INPUT ct state related tcp dport 22

But that one has not worked.


You’re probably missing statuses.

Thinking about iptables, you would allow both related and established connections. Then, I would assume you’re looking for something like this:

nft insert rule ip filter INPUT ct state related,established tcp dport 22

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