Access 2nd server on LAN via PuTTY

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Problem :

I have two Linux servers with static IP addresses and Both machines are connected to my router which is set up to forward SSH Port 22 to 192.168.200.

I have PuTTY’d into How can I access files on Note that iptables and SeLinux currently are not active.

Solution :

As long as SSH is installed on the second server, you should be able to just SSH into it’s IP address ( on port 22, since both machine’s are on the same network.

Unless you’re asking about how to access the second machine from outside of the network, ie. from another location. In that case you’ll need to configure the second machine to listen for SSH connections on another port (ie. 222) and have your router forward port 222 to the second server.

However, it might be simpler to just SSH into the 1st server, then SSH to the 2nd server from that session.

I word. SCP. You can use similar command line arguments as the good ole cp, but this will invoke the copy process over ssh using either the native scp client on the remote end or sftp.

It simly uses the syntax like this:

scp user@host:/path/to/file /destination/folder


scp /source/folder user@host:/path/to/destinaion

Of course, you can also use the -r flag to copy entire directories.

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