Access to a windows 7 machine from a linux machine on a LAN

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I’m a remote worker at home and the only windows machine is in the living room (Windows 7 64bits).
My office (upstairs) is a small room with an archlinux machine and my employer wants me to use a videoconference software that works only on mac/windows.
Is there a way I could launch this software on the windows machine and get it on my archlinux terminal?
I cannot use the windows machine directly since my kids are usually running with their arms in the air while shouting and crying and it would be difficult to remain professionnal.


If you is on same LAN you can use easily RDP on Windows. For linux are some tool such as Remmina.

On Windows machine you must do this:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. System and security -> System -> Advanced Setting (on left) – > Remote Access
  3. And check Allow connections and next you can set users which can have too remote access to this PC

On linux install Reminna (next info on Remmina webpage) and set access by IP/hostname of your Windows PC.

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