Activate USB Speakers in KDE after login

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Problem :

I have some USB speakers that I use with KDE under linux.

If they are plugged in when KDE starts, all works fine. If I plug them in while KDE is already started, they are recognised by the system, this works fine:

$ speaker-test -D front_CARD=Device,DEV=0 -c 2

And the audio device shows up in phonon, but is greyed out:

Phonon USB Audio greyed out

I can log out and log in again to activate them, but this isn’t a great solution for a laptop. Does anyone know of a way to activate the speakers so I can use them without logging out each time?

Solution :

I haven’t used KDE in a while, but I believe it uses alsa for audio device control.

The brute force way would be to use sudo alsa force-reload – which will reset the audio subsystem. sudo alsa reload should work as well.

Looking for a one device way to do this and will update when i find one.

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