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Problem :

I have recently started using Chromium rather than Firefox on my laptop, primarily due to poor performance with Firefox. I always launched my browser via Gnome DO (Win+Space, Firefox, enter). I would like to do the same for Chromium but can’t find any documentaiton in regards to adding aliases to Gnome DO.

Any ideas on how I can add Chromium to Gnome DO? I don’t need any advanced functionality, just want to Win+Space, Chrome (or Chromium), enter.

Solution :

I’m pretty sure Gnome DO automatically searches the contents of your Gnome applications menu. If the app is listed in there, you should be able to search for it from Gnome Do.

In addition to igul222’s answer, if you type in the entire name of the executable, it will present you with the option to ‘run’ it, even if it isn’t in your menu. The downside is you do have to type the entire name.

Add the application to the Gnome Menu, then restart Gnome-Do. You may use Gnome-Do to call up and edit the “Main Menu”

remove from ~/.local/share/applications, re-add to Gnome menu, then re-start gnome-do.

Remove an entry from Gnome-Do memory

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