Alternatives to TextEdit?

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I use TextEdit on the mac for nearly everything I do, making notes, writing letters, etc.

I’m interested to find out what you use (if you use an alternative)?

I’ve found that “competitors” like BBEdit and TextMate are just too overcomplicated for what I need.


While it’s command-line, pico is another option for those non familiar with vi/emacs.


I use it for all my note taking stuff, I find it fast and responsive. It also will intergrate nicely with a lot of other applications, such as Cyberduck which I use for FTP.

It’s made by the same people who make BBEdit, but it’s also a fair bit less complicated.

SubEthaEdit is probably a bit over complicated for what you’re looking for.

myTexts is an application that I’ve been meaning to try. If other applications are too complicated, this just might do the trick – it looks promising!

aquamacs – Emacs for Mac OS X

Vim, multi-platform, the same everywhere. No new suprises when you go somewhere.

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