Always see the title of a Chrome tab on Windows

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Problem :

I have an app that displays really useful information in the tab title and I’d really love to be able to see this always. If I have too many tabs open or I pin it, the title shrinks and I can’t read it any more. I am guessing a better place for it would be the Taskbar. Or put it in the empty space after the last tab. Or slam it in the URL bar. Or whatever. I am open to any good solution that makes it prominent. But I really need to see that title info. (WSL v2 is running, chocolatey is installed — I am not afraid of the command line, should that be helpful.)

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Solution :

I believe Chrome is designed to shrink the tab names per the amount. It wouldn’t make sense to have every title of a website on a big scroll wheel, especially because a lot of Chrome tabs can hurt your memory, and it wouldn’t make sense to use them all at once to the point where the icons shrink.

My suggestion: Write a script that saves the title into a text file or a separate so you can at least see them.

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