Android remote mouse: use data connection instead of WiFi

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I’ve tried various Android remote mice apps that all require WiFi:

However my WiFi provider seems to be blocking necessary ports or something.

The other alternative – and I do this in my own apps – is a simple socket connection for phone/PC communication, and I tether my phone’s data to the PC. However all of these remote mouse apps want “WiFi” in particular, and thus I can’t tether and use my phone’s data connection.

Is there a solution here? Maybe I can check some wifi settings or something (I already tried turned off my PC firewall). I really don’t want to have to remake a remote mouse app for obvious reasons.



They work on a link between PC and Android device over wifi. I don’t think it is provider related as its a local connection. Possibilities are wifi settings and pc settings are off.

Start with pinging you cell phone from PC. You can get IP of your cellphone in settings/wifi. Use windows cmd command “ping” to make sure a connection could be made between PC to mobile device.Usage is simple, “ping cellphoneip” If so try vice versa by using a android app. You can find PC is by typing ipconfig in cmd. You can open cmd by typing cmd in run dialog of windows.

It both pings are successful, try opening ports in windows and router firewalls.

Hope it helps

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