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Last year, I installed an application on my Mac called Pocketcam. A few days later, I have removed the app from my Mac by dragging and dropping it into the trash bin. Apparently by doing that, it didn’t remove the application completely as there are still some files left on the computer that is creating a log file in my document folder. The file keeps coming back after deleting it numerous times.

So my question is, “how do I find the file that is creating that file and remove it completely from my Mac?”


Have you tried the Uninstaller provided by the developer of PocketCam? I assume this is the program you refer to. According to the page:

Download the Mac uninstall program. Double-click to run the "Uninstall Installer".  This will completely uninstall PocketControl from your Mac.  Please reboot your Mac after uninstall.

This should fix it!

Most probably some kind of automated process is running in the background.

  • Check your Accounts ยป Login Items for remainders of the app. Delete them if necessary. For example, the “KiesViaWiFiAgent” starts up with my account in the following screenshot. Select it and disable it by pressing the - button below.

  • Check /Library/LaunchAgents or /Library/LaunchDaemons as well as the same folders in your ~/Library folder for daemons. Use ShiftCmdG from Finder to go there if the folders are hidden.

    These folders contain .plist files that may be started and run in background. Trash the files relating to the rogue software.

You can also use software intended to monitor applications for files created on your system that would in turn create the log file:

  • Install AppTrap (or similar), then install your software again, trash its .app file, and let AppTrap remove everything related, not only the .app file.

  • Install AppCleaner (or similar), install your software, drag its .app file to AppCleaner and let it examine all the files related, then delete those.

There is an uninstaller for pocketcam. They describe that you need to download and run it and after a reboot it will have removed all pocketcam parts from your system.

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