Any way to get where an application connects to?

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Is there any built-in way to know in windows 7 where the spotify application connects to?

I’d like to know if it connects to the local (the same country) server, or some abroad one.

Yes, I could install some personal firewall like Comodo or Outpost or something else, but for this task I see that as an overkill.

Any ideas with built-in tools or something really lightweight?


You can do this at a command prompt to find out:

netstat -b

If you don’t feel like looking through the output, open powershell instead then:

netstat -b -n | Select-String 'spotify' -context 1

Here is the powershell oneliner with it doing a reverse DNS lookup on the IP for you:

netstat -b -n | Select-String 'spotify' -context 1 | %{$ip=($_.context.precontext -split 's+')[3].split(':')[0]; $nethost= [System.Net.Dns]::GetHostbyAddress($ip).HostName; "$ip = $nethost"}

Spotify connects to many nodes in a peer-to-peer network, some will be close to you, other far away.

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