Are there any benefits to starting kdm as daemon?

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Problem :

I’ve configured my kdm to start via inittab method.

I’ve done it following the steps at Display Manager – ArchWiki. There is also a described method on how to start kdm as daemon. But i can’t find any reason for starting kdm via inittab or as a daemon.

Solution :

The main benefit to starting it as a daemon is that you can stop it. You might want to do this if, for example, something goes wrong with your X install. You might want to stop it in order to fix something that it better done without X running.

If you kill kdm launched by inittab, init will simply respawn it. If you stop a daemon, it remains stopped until you restart it.

This will only be a benefit for you if this scenario occurs, so I’d stick with your current configuration until you get into a situation that warrants changing it.

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