Audio / Computer halts when wifi connecting

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When the wifi is connecting, my computer halts briefly. The screen is momentarily frozen and the audio skips if I’m playing music. This happens consistently.

I occasionally experience the same issue while browsing the internet with chrome. While loading a page, the screen will freeze and the audio will skip and then everything’s back to normal.

What could be causing this and how do I fix it?

The processor is an i5-3450


There are a couple of things you should try to look for in this case:

1)Run Resource monitor – take a look for anything that is hogging your computer when you open a web browser. It could be that your antivirus is aggressively scanning something when you open your browser

2)Try running a different antivirus – perhaps your one missed something and whatever has infected your computer is reporting whenever you open a browser

3)Try a different browser (or reinstalling your current one) – a corrupt profile or orther browser bug could be causing you issues. Perhaps you also have too many tabs starting with your browser

4)Disable Addons – it is possible that the intense workload of loading an addon-heavy browser is too much for your PC

5)Try defragging your drive – if the PC is slowing due to your drive being fragmented, this could help somewhat.

Hope one of these helps.

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