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Problem :

I would like to use a wireless network from Ubuntu. In the network drop-down menu I select a network (this is a University network I have an account there). Then I get a windows with the following fields:

Wireless Security: [WPA&WPA2
[Tunneled TLS]
Anonymous Identity:
CA Certificate: [(None)]
Inner Authentication: [some
User Name: []
Password: []

I put there my user name and password and do not change default value and leave “Anonymous Identity”blank.

As a result of that I get “Authentication required by wireless network”. How can I solve this problem?

I think it is important to notice that our system administrator tried to find some files (which are probably needed to be used as “CA Certificate”). He said that he does not know where this file is located on Ubuntu (he support only Windows). So, probably this is direction I need to go. I need to find this file. But may be I am wrong. May be something else needs to be done.

Could you pleas help me with that?

Solution :

ssl certificates are located in /etc/ssl/certs.

also Tunneled TLS (TTLS) may be the wrong authentication type, try MSCHAP V2 as well.

Perhaps this may help.

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