Authentication with ssh and scp works but not WinSCP

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Problem :

I have a Ubuntu server with 3 user accounts (root, user1, user2).
user1 has access via WinSCP, scp and ssh. No problems here. Then I’ve created another user2 but with this user I can’t access the server via WinSCP but scp and ssh through console works like a charm. WinSCP says that authentication fails but I’m 100% sure that I have made no typo (I can say this after 433245 retries). Now I’m trying to find the differences between the two user accounts and the only differences are their username, password and user2 is in the sudoers group.

Any suggestions what else I can try?

Solution :

Changing password of user2 fixed the issue. Now I am not sure if it has something to do with encoding or escaping of the password inside of WinSCP or any other weird problem.

I changed the password back to the one not working and tried to find the special char causing problems.
It was a the non-ASCII char ‘§’ causing the problem. I tried another password with non-ASCII char ‘ß’ and this one didn’t work too. So non-ASCII chars in UNIX-passwords are not a good idea.

Bugreport was added to the WinSCP forum:

Use WinSCP 5.9 or newer. These versions do encode usernames and passwords using UTF-8 encoding.


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