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Problem :

We use a wireless internet access. The wireless is secured and to get an IP address, when you provide the right key. That is currently working properly, however, the first time we access the internet, a browser page appears and we have to enter a password. We have access to the internet after that for a period of time. How can the password step be automated?

Solution :

If your having to log into a browser based system you can use lastpass, which works on all major browsers, mobile devices. After you’ve entered your username & password once, lastpass will automatically log into the site for you:

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If you’re using your own wireless network than you can secure it yourself when you configure your router. You’ll only have to type in a password once for every device you connect with.

What is the browser page that shows up periodically when you’re browsing? If you take a screenshot and edit it into your post I might be able to help you more. My guess is that you have some setting turned on in your router settings. If you can’t access your router (don’t know the username/password) then you can physically reset it. Usually there is a button you hold down for 10 seconds, and it might be indented so use a pen.

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