Autopopulate one sheet when “Yes” is entered in a cell in another sheet

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I don’t know a lot about VBA or excel – so looking for lots of help!! 🙂

I currently have a page set up like Picture 1. I would be typing “Yes” or “No” into the the yellow boxes. Upon entering yes, I would like the certain rows and columns to auto-populate the other sheet as shown in Picture 2.


Picture 1:
Picture 1

Picture 2:
Picture 2


I am attaching the step by step pictures of the formulae you can use.

I know they are a lot, but I have been using this to create lists based on a criteria. I don’t know if anything easier exists. But this one surely works.
First Picture is Sheet 1,

And the rest is work on sheet 2.

Step 1- Table from where you want to gather data from

Step 2 - use index function to list tasks in one column

Step 3 - Use VLOOKUP for listing your adjacent columns as required

VLOOKUP for another column

write the formulae as per your requirement, and after you are done writing press Control+Enter (for the INDEX formula) and then drag down.

VLOOKUP works with just Enter and then drag down.

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