Autopopulate one sheet when “Yes” is entered in a cell in another sheet

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I don’t know a lot about VBA or excel – so looking for lots of help!! 🙂

I currently have a page set up like Picture 1. I would be typing “Yes” or “No” into the the yellow boxes. Upon entering yes, I would like the certain rows and columns to auto-populate the other sheet as shown in Picture 2.


Picture 1:

Picture 2:


I am attaching the step by step pictures of the formulae you can use.

I know they are a lot, but I have been using this to create lists based on a criteria. I don’t know if anything easier exists. But this one surely works.
First Picture is Sheet 1,

And the rest is work on sheet 2.

write the formulae as per your requirement, and after you are done writing press Control+Enter (for the INDEX formula) and then drag down.

VLOOKUP works with just Enter and then drag down.