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I’m making a batch file that is going to encrypt information. I made it so when I right click on the object and click on the “test” button it runs the batch file.

In regedit I added


command’s data is


What do I need to do to the data (in the registry key i added) and what is it stored as in my variable?


You need to associate to the filetype the script you want to launch on that type. On Windows, all this is based on the extension (at least on XP, I don’t know about 7, but I doubt it has changed).
Say the extension of your files are “.abc”, and your app is:

c:program filesdummyprocess.bat

(I dropped the variable for the moment, I’m not sure how this behaves in .reg files)

So just edit a config.reg text file that will hold the following:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; the extension .abc gets associated with a file type

; the file-type gets a name (that appears in explorer in field "type")
@="foo file"

; What will appear in the contextual menu when selecting an .abc file
@="--- Process ! ----"

; What to do with it
; here, %1 is the file given as argument of the script
@=""c:\program files\dummy\process.bat"" ""%1""""

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