Best app to manage installed programs?

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If you’re a super user you’d probably have 100s of programs installed on some PC that you use. Now when going through the “Add or Remove Programs” list in Windows XP, or the “Programs and Features” table in Vista, you still cannot:

  1. categorize and tag programs to “sort” them out and see which you really need
  2. view approx installed filesize to see which is taking up space
  3. see recently installed programs, or sort by installed date

So its quite a peeve to manage installed programs, are there any apps that can help?

CCleaner helps a bit — loading the list of installed programs instantly, instead of waiting minutes for the Windows Control Panel to “populate” their list. It also lets you “remove” entries for corrupted installations.


RevoUninstaller helps a bit and,
There is also UpdateNotifier for programs that work with it.

It is easy to categorize programs in the Windows start menu, you wouldn’t need any software for that. If you’d like to categorize icons on your desktop, have a look at Stardock Fences. I don’t know whether it is still free – it used to be free while still in Beta.

I also like 8Start Launcher, a graphical application management and launch utility.

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Edit: read Robert C. Cartaino’s comment on Fences and decide for yourself if you want to put up with this.

Free Uninstaller is what you are looking out for

It provides a vastly improved interface which highlights system entries in blue and invalid entries in red. You can lookup more information about any software or its manufacturer from the web (Google, Yahoo and Live Search are supported). Other features include the ability to uninstall multiple programs together, to delete invalid entries, to backup registry, to export list of installed, to sort installed softwares according to various parameters.

alt text

You should also take a look at this post, it will help you decide which one suits you best

Not exactly the features you asked for, but:

Safarp is a lite and fast replacement for Add/Remove programs. While it doesn’t have the features you asked for, it’s lightning fast so that alone should be a big plus in making it easier to look for unwanted programs and uninstall them. It also has a search bar.

Also, FileHippo has an application that checks for updates for (certain) installed programs, so in a sense it’s a manager for installed programs.

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