Black and white display in windows, but not in linux

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Problem :

My issue here is a very weird one. I just had a power-surge in my room and then my windows display went black and white. The display is B&W but screenshots that I take in windows aren’t B&W, as is evident when I transfer them to my phone to look at them. The boot screen is in its normal blue and when I boot Linux, colors work perfectly. Any ideas?

Windows 10, deleted my entire Users/$MyName$/AppData/Local/Temp folder before the surge. The delete was done by then and colors were still working.

Solution :

Actually you have pressed Window + Ctrl + C button by mistake. This shortcut toggles the default color filter.Currently your default color filter is GrayScale and by default filter set to Off.

There are two solution to the problem :

  1. Press again Win + Ctrl + C to toggle off the filter



Open Settings.
Click on Ease of Access.
Click on Color & high contrast.
Under “Color filters,” turn Off the Apply color filter toggle switch.

I don’t really understand why this actually happened, but When I changed the saturation using my CS:GO Saturation toggler, I got my color back, and it stayed across restarts. Link in case you need it

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