Booting Debian after upgrade

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Problem :

I have a Debian server.

There was a power failure recently and now I’m getting errors during boot up. I had performed a dist-upgrade recently from Squeeze to Wheezy but I don’t think my kernel got upgraded.

Here’s all the information I managed to capture:

Let me know if there’s anything else that would be helpful.

Solution :

To me, it totally looks like file system corruption caused due to sudden power failure. This usually happens when power goes out before the system has finished writing to the disk. You can try to boot to safe mode (or rescue shell or Advanced options or whatever it’s called) and run file system check using fsck. This should fix at least a few problems so that you can boot up and take care of the rest manually. If you are not able to boot at all, you may have to use some live distro to run fsck on at least the root partition of affected system.

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