Bulk de-RLE-compress TGA images

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Problem :

I’m on Linux Mint 17.3 KDE and am having some issues with viewing and sorting a nearly 2.7GB collection of TGA images (mostly game textures). Apparently, GwenView and many other programs (notably excluding GIMP) don’t cooperate with RLE compressed TGAs. How can I bulk decompress these images?

Solution :

So in the directory, in a terminal

for x in ./*.tga; do convert $x.tga -compress None decompressed_$x.tga; done

This may work, as it relies on imagemagick being installed and is based off an answer about decompressing png’s here

Also, you can test for just one file first, using this:

convert blah.tga -compress None decompressed_blah.tga

Then check ‘decompressed_blah.tga’ to see if the file works/is usable.

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