Buy Full Windows 8 not just an upgrade [duplicate]

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Possible Duplicate:
Does a full, retail license of Windows 8 exist? (Not OEM, not upgrade)

The official website of Windows says a price of $39.99 for online upgrade and a $69.99 for a DVD upgrade.

But I don’t have any previous Windows installed. What option do I have?

If I get an upgrade than how will I re-install it in future if I need to format my system. Install XP again and than upgrade? Or directly install Windows 8?


Also, NewEgg has the full version of Windows 8 Pro

You can download a Windows 7 iso, and install it (without authentication). I think they allow you like 30 days? from there you can use the upgrade adviser to download/install Windows 8, I suggest either putting the media on a USB flash drive, or a DVD.

You can legitimately get the ISOs from here

If you don’t have Windows pre-installed then you need to get the regular Windows 8 DVD.

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