Can I access an ext4 Linux partition in Windows? [duplicate]

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I am currently in Windows and was wondering if there is any way I could mount my Linux partition, so I can access and transfer files? The file system is ext4


You need a driver to mount an ext2 partition, like this one (not sure if this one will work on Win 7, it isn’t specified, if that is important).

EDIT: to reflect slhck’s comment, this will only work if you are using ext2fs/ext3fs, I can update with other options if this is not what you are using.

EDIT2: This one will work on Ext2,3,4 (0.50 and up for ext4) and will run on all modern Windows versions

You can try one of the installable file system drivers like this

Edit: In regards to using ext4. It looks like there is a patche for the ext2 reader

This will be read only access. And I see I’m still too slow 😉

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