Can I automatically map chrome’s bookmarks bar to its jump list?

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Problem :

I would like the contents of my bookmarks bar to be present in my Google Chrome jump list, without the manual tedium of managing both the bar’s organization and contents and those of the jump list. If it’s possible to automatically manage jump lists in such a way as to make this possible, I’d be delighted. I don’t think I’m quite ready to attempt programming an extension thus myself.

edit: it appears this is not possible. I have submitted the feature as a request to the chrome team.

Solution :

You could try the free Jumplist Extender described as :

easy-to-use program that lets you add custom jump lists to any of your
programs on Windows 7

With Jumplist Extender, you can:

  • Add your own Program Tasks
  • Pin Any Type of File
  • Create Extensions to your Programs
  • Share your Jumplists with Others

(Note: I have no personal experience with this product.)

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