Can I have more than 16 Desktop “Spaces” on Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

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Is is possible to have more than 16 desktop “spaces” with Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

I know that it does not seem possible at all from the System Preferences settings, but I was wondering if there exists some software tools that would enable one to use more Spaces, say 20-25.


The setting is in Library/Preferences/ with the keys workspaces-cols and workspaces-rows, respectively.

Try to set it and then restart Dock. At least on my computer, however, values over four are ignored, so the following procedure should not really help:

defaults write workspaces-cols 5
defaults write workspaces-cols 5

and then

killall Dock

Link up to a monitor, change to non-mirror display, then you can add more desktop in the monitor screen. After you disconnect, you will get more desktops.

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