Can i make a mapped network share appear as a local drive?

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I’m using a cloud backup service that only permits internal drives to be backed up. The thing is, I share all my backup-relevant stuff on a NAS.

Is there anyway to fool Windows 7, or at least any software running on it, into believing the network drive is internal? the NAS is a qnap which supports Samba, NTFS, Apple, FTP…


Whether you can cheat your backup software depends on the intelligence of the software. You can easily map a network drive or folder in the drive to a local drive name (eg. Z:)

I did the same things for the same reason recently and this were my steps:

  1. Open the location of the folder or drive.
  2. Press the Alt key once to reveal menu.
  3. Select Tools> Map network drive.
  4. Select the drive name and folder by browsing.

In Windows 7 there might be a bug reconnecting to the network drive when you boot up.
You can see the solution to that here:

Hope this helps!

I read through the answers and come up with my own solution / workaround to this problem.

It’s something like this:

mklink /d "c:datanetwork docs" "\servershareddata"

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