Can I run two FTP sites on one server using two different IP addresses?

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Problem :

So we currently have our FTP site running on one computer (Mac OS-X) with one IP address. We are trying to host a second FTP site running off of the same computer, but with a different IP address.

Is is possible to have two FTP’s running off of the same computer/server if I have a different IP address for both FTP’s?

Also, is it possible to install SSL onto a Mac OS-X?

Thirdly, is it possible to connect an API that was written in Linux to a Unix server?

Any and all insight is highly appreciated.

Solution :

You will need either a second NIC or the ability to add a second IP to your current NIC. It can be done, but your FTP server will need to be configured. You will have to tell it what IP to listen to. Some FTP server software might not have this capability, so you will have to inquire with the particular software vendor.

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