Cannot boot to old hard drive after installing SSD and Windows

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I purchased an SSD and replaced the hard drive in my HP laptop. I then took the old HDD and installed it onto a caddy to my CD drive.

When first booting up, my computer was able to recognize the other Windows partitions installed in the HDD. However, as soon as I installed Windows 8 to my SSD, I can no longer see my HDD’s OS’s in the boot menu.

Using Windows recovery does not help. My computer just recognizes it as removable storage. There is also no option to switch the boot order in my bios, there is only one “Notebook Hard Drive” selection in the boot menu.

Is there anyway I can boot into my old OS partitions again while keeping my current data and setup?


I realized there is a F-key during the splash screen of the boot that I can press and it will show an actual menu with two hard drives and I can select which one to boot to. I just had to be quick in pressing the key or else it will not register in time.

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