cannot launch matlab remotely on mac from linux in the terminal

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After I ssh to the mac desktop from linux Suse, I could not open matlab even without GUI. The mac desktop has mac OS 10.6. At the beginning, I thought the reason is that I did not use -X flag. However, after I tried “ssh -X remote”, it still could not work. Also, Whatever I tried any option to open matlab like “matlab -nonjvm”, “matlab -nodesktop” and so on, it always reported the same error message:

Mon Sep 3 16:00:41 java[74327] : kCGErrorFailure: Set a breakpoint @ CGErrorBreakpoint() to catch errors as they are logged.
Could not open display. Exiting.

I really appreciated if anyone can answer my question. Many thanks.


Not sure, but you seem to have a problem with the Display variable.
Try ‘matlab -nodisplay’ – this should turn off the display features. The ‘-nojvm’ switch does not – you can still show figures on the display.

Also, try to inspect what the DISPLAY variable says after you ssh to your Mac (echo $DISPLAY).

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