Cannot View One of my USB Partitions in Ubuntu

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Problem :

My Windows 10 OS broke down. I decided to split a USB* into two partitions and install Ubuntu on the smallest possible partition. I was going to use the other, larger partition to take the files I want to save from my HDD and put them there, so I could place them on another PC before reinstalling Windows 10 on my HDD.

I am not a pro, so I was quite pleased with myself for having managed to install Ubuntu on a single partition and leaving the other one intact. Now my problem is I can’t view that partition I want to use to save my files in Ubuntu, for a reason I don’t know. Here’s a screenshot of my USB drive in GParted:
Here is a screenshot of my USB drive in Disks:
Excuse me for screenshoting the entire screen. I don’t know how to screenshot a single window.

*My USB drive is really a microSDHC drive plugged into an adapter, in case it makes any difference. From my experience, it’s always been exactly the same as using a USB stick.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Solution :

Run sudo fdisk -l in command line to see the result.
The name of your flash drive should be in the result.

Now edit your mount point with creating a directory: sudo mkdir /media/name of your flash drive

Then type sudo mount /dev/sdb /media/flashdrive and your flashdrive should mount.

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