Cant boot into Win7 anymore – RebuildBCD wont work – Startup repair wont recognize windows drive

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Problem :

When I try booting into my windows 7, there is a black screen saying that BootBCD is missing or corrupt.

What I did was get a Windows 7 iso onto a USB and when I boot that, the “Load Drives” cant find a windows 7 installation for some reason. I did a lot of searching and found myself doing the bootrec commands to see if that would fix my issue. All the commands work minus bootrec /RebuildBCD. It sees that windows is on my E:/ drive but when I press yes it states The system cannot find the path specified.

When I try going into the boot folder using cd boot it cant find the file so I assume its deleted?

Another thing I noticed is when using diskpart my E drive does have a 100mb partition which may be my boot partition that it is not using so that might lead to something to allow this to work correctly…

The last thing I read up is to use EasyBCD but I guess I would need a working Windows (my laptop) and some way to take my SSD and have an adapter to USB so that I can fix it on my laptop that way…

Solution :

First action is to backup any files for which you don’t have backups,
using a Linux live boot media.

In the hope that your disk has not encountered any hardware errors,
one solution would be to do Startup Repair.

On Windows 7 you could access it from the Windows Error Recovery screen
by choosing “Launch Startup repair (Recommended)”.

If you don’t get this screen, then press F8 as Windows boots
to enter the Advanced Boot Options screen, where you may
select “Repair Your Computer”.

If even this does not work, you may boot from a Windows 7 boot media of same
service pack level and use the Repair option.
A system repair disc/drive can also work, if you have created one.

If nothing works, you should seriously consider the possibility that the disk
itself has a problem. Reinstalling Windows is the best option.
Be sure to do a slow (not quick) format of the
disk during the installation, as this finds and marks disk errors.
If too many errors are found, then the disk is done for.

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