Can’t install microsoft office 2013 32bit

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I removed an uninstalled 64bit of Office because SAGE ACT will not work with it and the installer for 32bit just hangs.

I get a 1704 error when I run the installer and I say yes.

Error 1704. An installation for Microsoft Office 64-bit components 2013 is currently suspended. You must undo the changes by the installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes?

I say yes, it installs then gets hung in the setup. I’ve let it run all night too.

I’ve disabled AV software and cleaned the registry and rebooted.


Step one is to ensure you have removed the 64bit version correctly. Microsoft provide a FixIt tool for your use here.

From this point Microsoft support suggests the following for this error, which seems to have solved the problem for several people there:

Try to install Office 2013 and check for results. If the issue persists, then restart computer in Windows Clean boot following these steps and then install Office 2013:

  • Press the Windows + R key on the keyboard.

  • In the Run windows type MSCONFIG and click Ok.

  • Click the Boot tab and uncheck Safe Boot option.

  • On the General tab, click to select the option Selective Startup, and then click to clear the option Load startup items check box.

  • On the Services tab, click to select the Hide all Microsoft services check box, and then click Disable all.

  • On the Startup tab, click Open Task Manager. In the Task Manager window under startup tab, right click on each startup item which are enabled and select Disable.

  • Click OK, and then click Restart.


EDIT: As you can imagine I cannot test if this method works as I am not suffering the same issue. So do let us know the result.

UPDATE: There are older examples of this situation which might help you provide an answer. This has come from a Microsoft support post on an older version of Office, which you can find here

This was the answer from the business that helped me out:

What happened is the installed got glitched. So you have to kill 4 of the processes and it continues.

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