Capture graphics from a full screen cmd console?

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How do you capture graphics from a program running in a full-screen cmd console?

The Print Screen button does’t work, nor does Alt-Print Screen.

I have tried to set the display options on the window to not run full-screen, but it seems to have no effect. the cmd window size remains full screen.


I just found this:

Note: It is not possible to capture
from full DOS screens under
Windows XP. Since this is a limitation
of the operating system itself, no
screen capture software can get around
it. However Microsoft is offering a
solution with their product “Virtual
PC 2004” for free. Click here for

Therefore the easiest solution is like Matt suggests: use a Virtual Machine and take a screenshot of that from your normal OS.

Can you run it in a virtual machine than do the capture from the Host computer? If that doesn’t work there are a few TSR programs still floating around that will run in the background of Dos and do the capture when a hot key is pressed. The problem with these programs is that alot of times in Dos things get funny when applications are in full screen/ real mode.

If that doesn’t work you can google it, seems to be a few programs/hints on how to do it.
Google Search

Have you tried the Alt+Enter key combination to toggle the running Command window between fullscreen and windowed? That would enable you to use Alt+PrtScrn.

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