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Problem :

BLUF: I want to change the bookmark file location to a network folder without moving my entire profile (currently using –user-data-dir).

My company does not allow logging into Chrome, so I can’t sync my bookmarks. They also block all google apps, so I can’t use things like Google Bookmarks.
My Windows profile is (mostly) on a server, so I’d like to move JUST my bookmarks out of C: AppData to a network drive location.
I’m currently using the –user-data-dir switch in my chrome.exe shortcut, but I don’t need or want all that cached data to write to the server constantly.

Any insight would be appreciated!

-Edit: I just realized GPO could be an option, though it’ll have to be an IT request to edit.

Solution :

As it seems that your account is not admin and in addition an extremely strict
security policy requires you to ask for permissions for almost everything,
you might adopt the policy of DIY to write your own backup job.

Let’s say file bookmarks.bat contains :

copy "C:Users%username%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultbookmarks" "\serverpath"

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