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How can i change the combination Command-Shift-Tab on OSX or get the same result by setting another combination – so to switch between the history stack?


Maybe I am misunderstanding your question, but it sounds similar to this question: Change keyboard shortcut for switching applications in OS X

It sounds like you want KeyRemap4Macbook, which is now called Karabiner. It has an option called Tabmode that lets you set the shortcut for switching applications.

What’s Tabmode?
It replaces the default shortcut for switching applications. (cmd+tab)
While tab is pressed, use your favorite combination of left/right keys to switch between apps.
It has evolved into a window manager shortcut, capable of managing windows, tabs,
spaces and split views.

It has options to change both Command-Tab and Command-Shift-Tab. If you only want to change Command-Shift-Tab you will have to create the option yourself in the private.xml. Conveniently you can edit this file by clicking the Open private.xml in the Musc & Uninstall tab in Karabiner.

To see examples of how to write it go to /Applications/ and if you go to include/checkbox/standards/tab.xml inside of /Resources you will find how the Tabmode is written for Karabiner on line 216. However, it is much easier to just use the defaults which have most of what you could want.

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