checkbox highlighting in chrome

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Problem :

I like navigating forms in web browsers with the keyboard, but chrome is making this very difficult. Normally when you hit tab to select the next form item, a dotted rectangle or something like that highlights it, so you know which item you’re editing. Chrome isn’t doing that consistently in all web sites. Is there a way to force checkbox highlighting?

Solution :

You can use a plugin such as Stylish to add your own CSS rules to webpages – make one targetting every webpage and make it do something like

*:focus{outline:2px solid blue!important;}

To force it on the :focus element. You’re free to style it up however you want. outline is the css element that chrome naturally applies, so this will prevent you from doubly styling webpages where it already exists. !important makes it override any previous CSS declarations for the :focus on elemenents.

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