Chrome 69 hiding `www.` and protocol [duplicate]

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Problem :

With the current stable Chrome version 69,

when I surf to the browser only shows in the URL field.

I don’t want Chrome to hide the protocol and I don’t want Chrome to hide the subdomain.

How can I change these settings?

Solution :

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Open the Chrome browser and enter
into the address bar. Then press Enter.

Chrome will open a page that shows the “Omnibox UI Hide Steay-State
URL Scheme and Trivial Subdomains” setting. Change this settings to

@Google: For me this is a bug too. This “feature” is confusing and wrong, it should be removed., and are three completely different hostnames.


Only current working way is to install the Google extension to Report Suspicious sites:

It will automatically enable www and protocol in the addressbar.

Update 2021:

Google has listened to the community and added the option “View” -> “Always show full URLs” to Chrome.

Here is what’s needed to get the scheme (aka protocol) and ‘trivial’ subdomains to be shown on Mac OS 10.13.6 running Chrome 70.0.3538.67:

  • chrome://flags/#views-browser-windows set to enabled
  • chrome://flags/#omnibox-ui-hide-steady-state-url-scheme-and-subdomains set to disabled
  • chrome://flags/#upcoming-ui-features set to Default or disabled.

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