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Problem :

i wanted to browse my cookies, so i went into %userprofile%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefault and took the file Cookies. I opened it with Sqlite database browser, but the cookies have no value. Wasn’t there supposed to be the content of the cookie in there too?

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Is the content protected? Or is it stored somewhere else?

Solution :

is it stored somewhere else?

If you see a encrypted_value field with every record having (BLOB), then you are in the correct place:

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… and blob is encrypted data itself

via Chromium

Is the content protected?

5 months ago, all Google Chrome started to encrypt all cookies. They started with doing this in Chromium (as you can see in this Chromium ‘Issue’).

AFAIK, this has now been updated to all current versions of Chrome. If you see the (BLOB)s then that means you’re in the right place, but the cookies are encrypted.

Over at StackOverflow, someone has ‘found’ a way to decrypt this, but when I attempted it, it didn’t work (although my programming skills are somewhat limited – so you could have a try yourself…)

If you want to see / delete the cookies stored by Google Chrome, go to chrome://settings/cookies (or Settings > Show advanced settings > Content settings > All cookies and site data) and you can delete them from there.

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