Clean Windows install on Lenovo M720q with M.2 drive

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I was playing around with the computer mentioned in the topic. The play ended up with wiped hard drive. I used to have there VMWare ESX installed. Now I wish I return to Windows.

I have downloaded Win 10 64-bit installation ISO. I have created bootable USB with diskutil tool on Mac. The computer is booting from this USB drive.

The question appeared to install the drivers for hard drive. So I have downloaded the RST driver from Lenovo support site. I have extracted the EXE file with Wine and copied the driver files to other USB.

I have returned to installation and connected the second USB drive to other port. I was able to select the directory with drivers and after a while the appropriate drivers appeared on the list. However the window popped up that there is no proper driver for the device and I should check if there is proper one on the USB.

I am stuck here. Could someone help, please?


I have a Lenovo M70s with M.2 Drive.

I replaced the drive with a bigger SSD drive, so fresh install.

I ordered the Lenovo Recovery USB Drive. 2 days order to receipt.

I started with the USB in the USB Drive. Press F12 repeatedly and then (20 seconds later) the Lenovo Recovery started running.

I tried with the Windows USB but that did not work (drivers I expect).

The Lenovo Recovery USB works great. The machine is running fine (and upgraded to Windows 11 on the way by).

The value of this approach is that all Lenovo Drivers as well as Windows will be loaded.

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