CMD file extension files are opening in notepad instead of being executed

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Problem :

I am using steam to execute games and one game’s execution start is a CMD file. However, it is opening in notepad rather than executing.

Somewhere along the way I did this. How do I fix it to execute the CMD.

I tried instructions from being having the same issue as BAT files but the CMD change is not in the same place.
Batch files don’t run – they’re being opened with notepad

Also, I have the option set to display file extensions. So it is not a case of FILE.CMD.TXT

Solution :

go to the CMD file you want to steam run that for you and right click on it and change the default application ( open with ) to the CMD and check the use this app instead or use this app always . maybe you changed the default app for cmd file into notepad by mistake when u wanted edit cmd files in notepad ! easy .
go to windows settings and search for default apps ( try this one too there – reset to the microsoft recommended defaults ) click on the choose default apps by file type and u will get a full list of file extension and the default app that are opening them so u can change from notepad into the cmd and here is the address of the cmd if its hard for you to find it :


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