Configure bootloader for usb bootable Linux?

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Problem :

I’ve installed CentOS 5.5 64-bit on an external WD 500GB HDD. I went through the installation setup, and formatted the external HDD normally. (100M /boot, 250GB /, 248GB /tmp , 2.8GB swap). I also installed grub in the external HDD’s MBR.

After installation, I could boot up Linux on the same platform (Arrandale). However, as soon as I took it to a different platform such as Atom Pineview D525, it had all kind of problem on Grub, such as Grub Hard Disk Error, or it just hanged on grub loading stage {1.5,2}. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I would get to grub command prompt, but rarely I could boot up. I would stuck at mounting file system.

I’ve searching a lot on Google, and people suggested to reinstall Grub, so I tried various method to reinstall Grub, but the same behaviors still exist. I can’t guarantee the drive will boot…

Solution :

I’m not sure if you solved this issue; I had a similar problem to you. After updating the BIOS, Linux can now boot from a USB drive.

I used the following BIOS:

Have you tried Plop? It’s probably the most versatile boot loader around and is ideal for use with USB devices.

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