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Problem :

Happy New Year.
I have a solution to this, but I can’t make it work unless I am in the directory I want to copy.

At the end of 2018, I want to copy the directory structure only of various folders named 2018/ into 2019/.

cd 2018/
find . -type d -exec mkdir -p ../2019/{} ;

And this works.
How do I do it from the base directory?

find 2018 -type d -exec basename {} ;

gives me the folder names, but

find 2018 -type d -exec mkdir 2019/`basename {}` ;

still copies the 2018 folder into the 2019 folder, and you loose the directory tree.

I can’t find a simple answer after multiple searches. Any ideas?

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. This one ultimately worked best for me:

find 2018/* -type d | sed 's/^2018//g' | xargs -I {} mkdir -p 2019"/{}"

Solution :

This like should do the trick:

for FOLDER in `ls -l 2018/|grep '^d'|awk '{print $9}'`; do mkdir -p 2019/$FOLDER; done


for FOLDER in `find 2018 -type d -exec basename {} ;|grep -v 2018`; do mkdir -p 2019/$FOLDER; done

I hope this helps.

If you have mtree, you can do this:

$ mkdir 2019
$ mtree -cdp 2018 | mtree -Up 2019

If you don’t have mtree, here’s how to install Archie Cobbs’ mtree port from GitHub on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS:

$ mkdir work; cd work
$ # adjust this URL to match the desired version from the GitHub page
$ wget
$ tar xf mtree-1.0.4.tar.gz
$ cd mtree-1.0.4
$ cat README
mtree - Utility for creating and verifying file hierarchies

This is a port of the BSD mtree(1) utility.

See INSTALL for installation instructions.

See COPYING for license.

See CHANGES for change history.



Simplified instructions:

    1. Ensure you have the following software packages installed:


    2. ./configure && make && sudo make install

Please see

for more information.

$ # I already had openssl installed in my Ubuntu VM, so I forged ahead:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
$ man mtree
$ which mtree

I think the OpenSSL package name mentioned by the author may have changed since the instructions were created. On my system, libssl-dev was the package I needed to build mtree with SHA256 etc. support.




cd 2018/
find * -type d -exec mkdir -p ../2019/{} ;

using the ‘*’ instead of ‘.’ will avoid selecting the 2018 directory itself.

Without cd-ing to directory, I would get the directories list into an array and substitute the year in mkdir command. For example:

# get list into an array, names can have spaces.
IFS=$'rn' dirs=($(find /some/path/2018/* -type d))
let i=0
while [ $i -lt ${#dirs[*]} ]; do
  mkdir -p "${dirs[$i]/2018/2019}"
  let i=i+1

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