CORD 0.5.7 RDC client Copy and Paste

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I’m using the software CORD 0.5.7 on my Mac (OSX 10.7) as a RDC client for accessing various Windows servers. However since one of the latest updates of the software the Copy and Paste behaviour has changed. It only works ONCE, then after restart it works ONCE again. So if I wanted to do several C&P actions I need to restart the program in between each C&P. This is not a very good production environment…

Do anyone have a clue what might be the problem?
Is it CORD or other system change that might be the problem?


For some people the custom post 0.5.7 build of CoRD found at solves this problem.

You can find more about that build in this thread on the sourceforge forums:

That build is by jonnybergdahl, one of the CoRD developers.

After long research, I found this solution: Copy pasting and clipboard not working in Remote Desktop (RDP)

Basically, killing rdpclip.exe and restarting it from Start > Run > rdpclip.exe copy&paste working again.