Could one hypothetically upgrade a computer from Windows 95 to Windows 8

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Hypothetically, could you start with a computer running Windows 95, upgrade this to Windows 98, then upgrade this to Windows XP, then upgrade this to Vista, then to 7 and finally to 8 (consumer preview)?

What state would the OS be in after so many upgrades? Would any of the native Windows 95 apps still be sticking around in Windows 8?

Has anybody done anything like this before?

I don’t need to do this, I am just asking out of curiosity!



I see no reason why it wouldn’t be possible.

However, the original hardware would need to be upgraded so much to get the newer OSs to run that in the end you’d basically have a completely different computer.

Also, regarding your question about the native Win95 apps: Newer versions of Windows (I’m not sure about Windows8 though) are backwards compatible with applications written for an older version of Windows, with a few exceptions: I haven’t been able to find a way to get WinVista to run 16-bit DOS apps, and if a program is incompatible with WindowsNT it won’t run on NT and above

Technically, yes.

Of course, the upgrade to Windows 2000 (between 98 and XP) would be followed by converting the FAT16 partition to an NTFS partition. Then Windows 2000 can be upgraded to XP.

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