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Problem :

I have a Windows XP desktop and I need to create a wifi hotspot there so that I can share the internet connection on my Desktop. I don’t have any wifi devices on my Desktop. Now the problem is that I don’t have a device to create a wifi hotspot. Do I need to buy a Wifi router for that? Or are there any other devices available? Could you please let me know?

Solution :

If you are in a LAN and want to share the existing internet connection, the best and easiest option is to buy an Access Point.

An Access Point only has one plug, which is meant for the network cable. It will be connected to the LAN just like your computer.

You can then configure the Access Point in order to set up a wireless network that people can connect to. When people are connected to this Access Point, they will have access to the internet like every other computer in the LAN. Being connected to the Access Point therefore is the same as plugging in a network cable.

network diagram

Note: You can technically also buy a router, as it offers the same functionality – every router has a built-in Access Point. But it’s unnecessary as you already have an internet connection and routers are meant for connecting a LAN and a WAN (e.g., the “Internet”).

You weren’t entirely clear but if you’re asking:

My computer has an internet connection, but I want that connection to be available wirelessly to aerial devices.

You’ll need a wireless router, or access point. They vary in performance and ranges so I can’t be more specific.

If you have LAN connectivity,Then using “Connectify” Software You Can Sharing Your Internet without Using Any Devices like,Router,Hub,Switch.

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