Created a VHD using dsk2vhd, no boot

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I’ve got a complete installation of Windows 7 Ultimate and used the tool dsk2vhd to create a vhd of the instance of Windows 7 within that same instance – it seems to create it no problems (no error messages are given). When I then add this newly created vhd to the boot menu using something like EasyBCD, I get both boot options available (the original Windows 7 installation and the VHD), but whenever I select either of them, nothing boots, all I get is a blank screen.

Fortunately, I had a backup of the boot menu so I could restore it, but I’m at a loss why this is happening.


I haven’t tried EasyBCD myself. I used the directions on Technet here.

I’d follow these direction first. EasyBCD questions are best posted to their support forums.

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