Creating portable version of program by wrapping all essential files

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The goal: I have an .exe file and punch of other files (img/dll/ini/exe) which it depends on in the same folder with it but I’d like to have everything wrapped in a single .exe file which I could pass around on other windows machines and fire up the underlying program by running the standalone .exe.

As a web-only developer this is a whole new foreign continent for me so I’m not sure how this idea might sound in your head – Can one include the files an .exe depends on within the same .exe file? (something like what the resource hacker tool does?)

I guess the other option would be to make another .exe container around the exising and its support files. I’ve found a few commercial solutions like MoleBox and ThinApp which by their descriptions offer the other option – are there any freewares out there?

I feel it would be too much to ask for a complete overview of the inner workings of creating an .exe file like that but I’d like to get some feel of the “how to” part that goes to the process.


Try Cameyo, it’s free for home / small business usage. It is very similar to VMware ThinApp.

In order to package an application, you will have to install Cameo and capture the installation with it. It monitors the files which were add or changed, and packages them to a standalone .exe file.

They also have an online packager, you just have to upload your setup file.In order to use it, you’ll have to register to the site (it is free, too!).

Expanding off of matan129’s answer, you can try Cameyo. In addition, look into Enigma Virtual Box, which offers similar functionality to Cameyo, but does not have a sort of “virtualization control panel” that lets you view all of the virtualized apps; instead, it just sticks everything in one executable and lets you run it. There’s no sign of branding, as far as I can tell, and it’s all free. Requires .NET 4 on the target computer in order to run the packed executable.

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